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Positive point of view

The best chance we have of saving the world and getting what we had back. Our memories of what we had before the Pandora Virus grow dim.

Tobias.jpg Tobias West and his heroes of humanity are standing up for civilization. They fight the invader with bullets, blades, and brawn.

In-game cinematics

NJ.png New Jericho was one man's vision, and everything depended on that one man.

Before the war, Tobias.jpg Tobias West had been a billionaire. An elusive, controversial businessman who denounced war even as he profited from it. When the world fell, his empire began to rise.

Some said he was a genius. A man of principle, dedicated to equality and merit, fighting to preserve the core of human freedom: our will. They said he had a plan, that he could lead us to victory.

Others called him a dictator, a megalomaniac, fearful of infection and obsessed with purity. They said he was willing to do anything to win... no matter the cost.

The 1pp.png Phoenix Project needed allies. NJ.png New Jericho could help us turn the tide. But it all depended on one man.


Who are they?

A militaristic society built on the foundation of a powerful corporation called Vanadium.

Who is their leader?

Tobias.jpg Tobias West, CEO of Vanadium. A rags-to-riches billionaire with a shady past, very strong ideals, and an extremely high IQ.

What do they think caused the downfall?

The lack of meritocracy made humanity weak. Weak leaders couldn't do what needed to be done.

What is their official goal?

The complete destruction of the alien ecology. The building of a society where you rise through the ranks purely through merit, where people deserve their positions.

Important notes

NJ.png New Jericho believes they’re libertarians, but they have many authoritarian tendencies. Still, they do believe in what they’re doing.

Info from Research


New Jericho is a militaristic organization founded by the enigmatic billionaire Tobias.jpg Tobias West.

New Jericho is a militaristic organization founded by Tobias West, the enigmatic billionaire founder of Vanadium Inc.

Ideologically committed to West’s values of reason and meritocracy, New Jericho valorizes human will as the foundation of freedom and sees the Pandorans as a threat to the very core of human identity.

West is said to have developed a long-term military strategy that will succeed where previous campaigns have failed. Some accuse him of having built a cult of personality around himself.


One man predicted what would happen to the world, and this was his answer.

NJ.png New Jericho was formed out of Vanadium Inc, the company run by Tobias.jpg Tobias West, an American businessman who group at the end of the last century.

West was (and is, if he's still alive) the ultimate narcissist, spending billions, murdering people, and breaking countless other laws to satisfy his hero complex.

NJ.png New Jericho is a reflection of his idiocy. They think they are superheroes, they think they are saving the world when actually, all they will do is destroy it.


Tobias West

NJ Tobias(256).png

Born in 1990. West was a serious young man who rose to become the head of a huge multinational corporation, Vanadium Inc.

Despite his commitment to meritocratic principles, Vanadium was often criticized for its involvement in global issues, particularly the arms trade.

Politically, West leaned towards libertarianism and personally opposed wars of aggression, but as a businessman, he continued to profit from the chaos of that time.

When it became apparent that neither governments nor ordinary political movements could provide an answer to humanity's crisis, West began transforming Vanadium from a corporation into the foundation of a new civilization, to be based on West's belief in the primacy of human will: NJ.png New Jericho.

Now at fifty-seven years of age, he is the leader of a considerable military force that many see as our last hope for survival. Behold the Man - Biography of Tobias West

Captain J. P. Richter

NJ Richter(256).png

A wayward assault trooper, Richter was always heading for trouble. His hunger for combat made him an eager recruit to the newly-formed NJ.png New Jericho military after the fall of the United States and the end of the Third World War.

Richter always felt he'd been born a decade too late and his early career as a strike team member at Fort Freiheit was all about him making up for the lost time.

A classified incident on the base where he ended up disciplined and placed in quarantine by Harlson.jpg Colonel Jack Harlson changed Richter's outlook. He was one of four soldiers left behind to defend Fort Freiheit whilst the rest of the populace were evacuated.

Richter was the only one of the four to make it back to a NJ.png New Jericho settlement, although rumors of the others surviving as well continue to circulate. Richter, for his part, will say nothing when asked.

Promoted to Captain, Richter now works with the Reclamation and Weapons Division under the command of Colonel Joshua Falken. He is known to bear a grudge against his former base commander Colonel Harlson.

Colonel Jack Harlson

NJ Jack(256).png

Colonel Jack Harlson has been with NJ.png New Jericho since before it was NJ.png New Jericho. He was recruited to Vanadium Inc by Albert Siennes in Clinton after being invalided out of the army when he lost his left arm in combat.

Harlson acted as liaison to the militaries Vanadium worked with, often selling weapons to both sides of a conflict.

After the fall of nations and the end of the war, Harlson assisted West in restructuring Vanadium into NJ.png New Jericho.

He became head of research in this new structure and the haven leader of Fort Freiheit, one of the main NJ.png New Jericho bases in the 2040s.

After the destruction of Fort Freiheit, Harlson has been struggling to re-organize his teams. He has been recruiting soldiers and scientists to assist with these projects, many of which are classified.

Sophia Villanova

NJ Sofia(256).png

Sophia Villanova is a physics expert and military weapons engineer.

A 1pp.png Phoenix Project operative who was never activated, she joined NJ.png New Jericho as a refugee after the collapse of the New Europe faction at the end of the Third World War.

Villanova strongly believes in a military solution to the Pandoravirus problem and is deeply suspicious of Synedrion.png Synedrion.

Her views and opinions align with those of her new benefactor, Tobias.jpg Tobias West.

It is believed that the two are close, although she is considered a newcomer by others in the upper echelons of the organization.

Abongameli Smith

NJ Abongameli(256).png

A Nigerian research scientist who completed his Ph.D. at Harvard in 2025 aged just 20, Abongameli Smith is a quietly-spoken biochemist of considerable ability.

Smith's Ph.D. research had been into creating medical treatments for Ebola, but when the Pandoravirus was first discovered, he was persuaded to abandon his research by Tobias.jpg Tobias West, who began funding his clinic and his experiments throughout the 2030s.

When Smith's facility was compromised, Tobias.jpg West ordered Vanadium security forces to conduct an elaborate and dangerous operation to airlift him out.

Since then, Smith has been working quietly and diligently under the supervision of Harlson.jpg Colonel Jack Harlson.

He is also responsible for leading the NJ.png New Jericho scientists in their dissection and autopsy examinations of captured aliens.


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